Strong Body & Mind Yoga Cards


Strong Body & Mind Yoga Cards

25 Double-sided Interconnecting Cards, 6″ x 9″

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit and means to unite, to bring together, to connect. The Strong Body & Mind Yoga Cards connect the ancient practice of yoga with Indigenous culture. These cards celebrate connection as they invite all of us to honour our connection to each other, to our animal friends, to nature and spirit and to this amazing planet we all share. – Kathy Beliveau

Yoga Practice written by Kathy Beliveau | Illustrated by Laura Timmermans

Choose an individual card, or one of each colour to create a sequence, or several cards at once for a longer yoga practice. A practice with children may include making sounds. Invite the children to hoot like an owl or caw like a raven or growl like a bear!

The cards are colour coded into four aspects of a yoga practice.

The Reflective Practice written by Terri Mack | Illustrated by Bill Helin

The reflective practice follows the Seven Sacred Teachings and incorporates Indigenous values. Our intention is to invite you to use one or more of these reflections to deepen your yoga experience either before, during, or after your practice. Choose a single card to respond to by yourself, with a friend, in a sharing circle or as a guide for journal writing.