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About The Yoga Game Series


Fun, engaging and brilliantly simple,  The Yoga Game series is sure to delight and inspire beginners and advanced practitioners alike.

The Yoga Game series invites children (of all ages) to play with the words, guess the riddles and enjoy an actual yoga practice, while introducing the concepts of balance, breath and focus. Entertaining rhymes, enchanting riddles and vibrant illustrations create a rich, multi-layered experience.

Yoga is a gift we can give ourselves and our children.  The ability to connect mind/body/breath and the understanding of how it feels to be grounded, to “reach out” or to “go within” is powerful at any age. The Yoga Game series presents this very ancient and profound practice with playfulness and joy.

May we all shine bright. May we all share our light!

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  • * Short-listed for the 2015/2016 Chocolate Lily Award
  • * Canadian Children’s Book Centre “Best Books for Kids and Teens” 2015

gardencover_1 copy

The Yoga Game in the Garden

The second book in The Yoga Game series wiggles its way to the garden. Hum like a bee! Grow like a tree! Enjoy another delightful yoga practice with more entertaining rhymes, enchanting riddles and whimsical illustrations. Critters and creatures help plant the fun with The Yoga Game in the Garden.

Strong Body & Mind Yoga Cards copy

25 Double-sided Interconnecting Cards, 6″ x 9″

The word Yoga comes from Sanskrit and means to unite, to bring together, to connect. The Strong Body & Mind Yoga Cards connect the ancient practice of yoga with Indigenous culture. These cards celebrate connection as they invite all of us to honour our connection to each other, to our animal friends, to nature and spirit and to this amazing planet we all share. – Kathy Beliveau

The Yoga Practice: Choose an individual card, or one of each colour to create a sequence, or several cards at once for a longer yoga practice. A practice with children may include making sounds. Invite the children to hoot like an owl or caw like a raven or growl like a bear!

The cards are colour coded into four aspects of a yoga practice.

The Reflective Practice:The reflective practice follows the Seven Sacred Teachings and incorporates Indigenous values. Our intention is to invite you to use one or more of these reflections to deepen your yoga experience either before, during, or after your practice. Choose a single card to respond to by yourself, with a friend, in a sharing circle or as a guide for journal writing.

The cards are colour coded into four aspects of a reflective practice. ~Terri Mack

The Yoga Game

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What people are saying about The Yoga Game:

“This colourful and joyful book makes children laugh and love yoga. I use Kathy’s fun yoga riddles in classes with kids and they love it. They play, guess the animal names, giggle and go into the poses.  The final relaxation is perfect, especially for special needs kids who need exactly this kind of calming down. I recommend this book for every yoga teacher, and to school teachers and parents as well. It’s easy to follow and simple to teach.”

Padma,  Padma Yoga Television Series


“The Yoga Game incorporates fun, puzzle-solving, playing with nature and exercise in this wonderful, new book.  What a perfect way to start your kids off right.”

Cyndi Lee, Author, Founder of OM Yoga


“This book is a gem – beautifully written, playful, and artistically illustrated. The child in me loved it!”

Peter Sterios, Yoga Instructor
Founder— Manduka yoga mats


“Anyone that practices yoga and spends time with children knows that kids are born yogis! The Yoga Game is a great way to bring kids and adults together in this accessible, fun, and life changing tradition.  It is a book that will likely remain a favourite on your shelves, dog eared and stained from years of yoga fun!

Jessica Robertson
Co Founder— Moksha Yoga


“One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is to teach them the science of fun. Kathy Beliveau has empowered parents to do just that with this creative, wonder-filled yoga book for children. What a find!”

Kia Miller, Yoga Teacher


“Thank you for sharing your insight and your light in this way.  It is a beautiful introduction and practice for children and their care givers.  I just know that it will guide and inspire many many people. Your sequences are wonderful, and the rhymes are fun and thought provoking, as well as instructional.”

Irene Bilton, Educational Assistant and Wellness Practitioner

“This book will be such a treat for parents, grandparents and teachers to read to their young people.  And because of the delightful  rhymes and invitation to action, budding readers will want to “read” it  to their friends!”

Patti Woolsey, Teacher and Yoga Instructor


Here is a well-thought-out collection of yoga poses to inspire and guide young children through fun sessions of yoga in class. Neither text nor illustrations talk down to them but stretch their reading and thinking skills to come up with good responses to the ever-present question, “Who am I?” There is ample room to challenge each other or to follow the demonstrations. With the advent of full-day kindergarten classes, The Yoga Game may well become a fine source for meaningful exercise and calming breathing exercises to fill the school day in a very positive way and encourage forays into reading as well.”

– Anne Forester, Co-author of The Learner’s Way


“I have found The Yoga Game to be an excellent resource for my student teachers. Several have taken the book into their practicum classrooms and have had great success! One student even reported that she “caught” her Grade 1 students using the book to run little yoga sessions with each other!”

– Dr. Paige Fisher, Faculty of Education, Vancouver Island University

Praise for The Yoga Game by the Sea:

“This delightful book on yoga builds community. Readers are presented with a brief riddle of a different yoga stance, paired with a charming image of a children acting out the pose…The book emphasizes critically thinking while encouraging calmness, inner and outer poise, and flexibility. Young and old readers alike will enjoy this selection. Children will be captivated by the varying sentence structure and the twist of words, as they learn to honor the spirit in themselves and in others.”
– School Library Journal

“Delightful…This book gives children and their adults, be it parents and other family members or teachers and other adults or teens in their lives, a chance to have fun together while learning valuable lessons in yoga.”
– CM Magazine, 4/4 stars review!

“A first class exploration in play, imagination, and young practice of yoga.”
– Children’s Bookwatch

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